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Hat Collecting

May 23, 2022

Kate Sloan is a writer, podcaster, musician, youtuber, and more!

Kate Sloan is the quintessential Hat Collecting guest! She wears a number of hats comparable to Lacey. We start the episode with a little impromptu conversation around Kate's work, then we get into the formal questions. I even asked some bonus questions in...

Apr 18, 2022

Levi Daniels is a freelance tutor, a tennis player, and a former Medical School Student!

Levi shares a fun fact about South Africa and then busts some myths. He then shares his story about his time in Chicago, and the big life change that took him from med school to tutoring. And then we have some more good authentic...

Mar 21, 2022

Jackie Kashian is a professional standup comedian, a board gamer, and the creator and host of The Dork Forest, a popular dorky podcast!

Jackie shares her story of her beginnings in a family of salespeople to discovering standup comedy to starting a podcast and more! Some very good wisdom in this episode as well!


Feb 28, 2022

Khadeja (aka Cosmic Venus) is a tattoo artist, a DJ and music producer, an artist and model, a former event organizer and a was at one time the co-founder of a feminist porn magazine.

Khadeja drops a lot of wisdom on this episode including one of the best quotes in the history of the show! 

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Feb 21, 2022

Hi everyone, what you're about to hear is my guest appearance on another podcast called the Multipod, which is a very similarly themed podcast the Hat Collecting (normally exclusive only to members of The Puttyverse where it originates, but shared with permission).

As the guest, I got to talk about the many hats that I...