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Hat Collecting

Jun 21, 2021

Mallory McGrath is the Founder & CEO of Viive Planning, a litigation law clerk, a trained classical singer, a mom, a wife, and an amateur paleo baker.

Lacey and Mallory have a great extended discussion about the need for both creative freedom as well as order, how you define yourself, why it's so important to develop confidence in speaking publicly, a new perspective on 'heavy hats', staying connected during the pandemic, self care, and more!

Where did you grow up? (00:54)
Lasting influence? (01:17)
How did you get into the things you do? (05:08)
What would you say is the biggest misconception about your job? (09:56)
When you were a kid, what did you want to be or do when you grew up? (17:32)
What age were you when you felt you'd found the path that felt right for you? (21:12)
What was one of the biggest obstacles to finding that path and getting onto it? (25:18)
What was the last act of self care that you did for yourself, no matter how small? (29:12)
What is the last new thing you learned, and what is something that you would still like to learn? (33:14)
What are your two most dissimilar 'hats'? (38:09)
Are there any skills you have that you've used in unexpected ways in your travels? (41:32)
Without necessarily naming names, what is an example of a good 'hype hat' (person) in your life, and what is an example of a 'heavy hat'? (48:44)
Have you dealt with any disabilities or mental health issues in your life and how have you worked through them? (56:36)
What is something big that you failed at in your life, but you learned a valuable lesson from it, and what was the lesson? (01:02:01)
What advice would you give to a teenager? A 30 year old? A grandparent? (01:05:45)
The guest asks me a question (01:12:48)
Are there any specific causes or charities that you'd like to raise awareness of? (01:21:48)
Plugs! (01:23:52)
The Traditional Hat Sign Off (01:26:15)

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